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Bringing venture debt to promising Canadian companies

Our Story.

With the use of tax credit consulting services, Prime Funding is committed to providing business owners scale their company. Our adaptive business solutions allow owners to effectively utilize their government tax incentives, invest more, and better manage their cash flow.

Our Mission.

At Prime Funding, we work to empower business owners. By providing non-dilutive SR&ED financing loans, we are able to contribute in a company’s innovative processes. We believe that providing early access to SR&ED grants is a better sell equity within your business.

How We Help.

SR&ED Financing

SR&ED Financing

Scientific Research and Experimental Development

SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) investment tax credit is Canada’s largest tax incentive program. Run by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), it encourages businesses to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It’s a program that is open to companies of any size, and sector, as long as they operate within Canada. In addition to conducting R&D, SR&ED allows you to: accelerate product development, hire new employees, enhance your marketing strategies, and launch your products and services within new markets.

Our team here at Prime Funding believes that as a business owner knows where to invest your money. If you happen to be working alongside a SR&ED consultant, we would gladly work with them to enhance your SR&ED investment.


Digital Media Tax Credit

Many digital media companies benefit from a combination of Interactive Digital Media Tax and SR&ED-eligible expenditures. The only disadvantage is the fact that it may take years for you to receive your tax refund. We encourage debt financing over other alternatives, as the costs are much lower for digital media and gaming companies. Our team at Prime Funding will ensure that you are given the appropriate tools to help grow your business.

Receive funds within 48 hours at a price that is much lower than the cost of equity.




Industrial Research Assistance Program

Administered by the National Research Council (NRC), the Industrial Research and Assistance Program is a federal grant program that fund a large number of activities for first-time Canadian patents, prototypes, new technology development, and many others. This funding is an excellent tool for companies looking to develop, market, and commercialize new products, and technologies. Prime Funding will work with you in identifying which projects would be best suited for IRAP funding, while also assisting in IRAP proposal preparation.

We provide our clients with necessary coaching to help secure IRAP funding.


Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund was created by the Department of Canadian Heritage and Canadian Cable Industry as a public-private partnership. This type of funding is divided into two categories: The Convergent Stream, and the Experimental Stream. The Convergent Stream is best suited for companies looking to create convergent digital media and television content. While the Experimental Stream is prepared for companies that would like to engage in the creation and development of innovative digital media content.

We also assist in preparing CMF proposals, while providing any essential guidance.


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