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for SR&ED Financing, SaaS Credit Facilities, Grants Financing and Venture Debt

Prime Funding is the leader in venture debt and SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) Financing

We help you grow your business sooner by getting cash in your hand within 48 hours. Our automated systems, and incomparable rates will give you the confidence to accelerate the growth of your business. Prime Funding works with you to ensure that you are given the highest-quality programs with the lowest risk. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, our SR&ED financing program can get you the cash you need to help grow your company.

Activities that can qualify for SR&ED financing, SaaS financing or venture debt

Information & Communication Technology

Firmware Development

Consumer products (ie. timing & control systems, music processing), computer products (ie. BIOS development, startup firmware).

Software Development

Application development, software tools, embedded systems, cross-platform development, big data, cloud

Hardware Development

Computing platforms, cellular hardware, embedded systems development, networking components, device development

Middleware Development

Distributed application architecture, database design, operating system development, remote procedure call design, portals

Platform Development

Embedded systems, browser development, software frameworks, cloud computing, platform as a service, virtualization

Activities qualify for SR&ED and grant financing

Activities qualify for SR&ED, digital media and grant financing

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